Overcoming Deployment One Day at a Time

A Post a Day Keeps Insanity Away

on August 9, 2012

So.  I am still very new and learning my way around the blogging world.  I came across a idea that has merit (not that many of their ideas lack it).  It’s called Post a Day 2012. or The Daily Post.  While I’m not ready to put that little “I’m part of Post a Day 2012” icon on my blog because I’m just not quite sure whether or not I’ll actually find the time, I believe blogging every day could be good for the soul.  Like others, I have a lot to say, and I want to share it with everyone.  Keeping all of these jumbled ideas locked away in this head is dangerous.  Yes, some of my ideas and experiences are bland, but they at least deserve some amusement.  If I don’t find the time to begin blogging regularly, my head may 1.  have memory lapses or 2.  land me in an insane asylum.  Neither of these are options for me.

Step one-Get these ideas and experiences that are running through my mind in order.  What’s most important?  What do I want to share next?

Step two-Work on time management.

Step three-Use the newfound time management skills to blog. Everyday.  It may, after all, keep insanity away.

3 responses to “A Post a Day Keeps Insanity Away

  1. Good luck. I blogged in college as a way to teach myself html and mess around with UNIX (also I had a help desk job which meant I basically sat around for hours and hours doing nothing but messing around on the internet.) It was very therapeutic. Unfortunately I don’t remember much of html but I have a really nice “journal” of my college experience – just have to hide it forever from Michael.

  2. Just a “public blogger announcement”: If you feel like you wont get to blog every day, write two or three in one day and keep them in your drafts. Then, just change the date and publish! I’ve cheated this way by setting things to publish a few days after they were written or going back and post-dating them to make it look as though it was published a month or so earlier. I’m weird about making too many blogs a day and use this method to keep from overwhelming the few followers I have.

  3. baywifey270 says:

    Thanks, Jen!

    @Notes From The Backseat, Thanks for the advice! That’s an awesome idea.

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