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A Bubbly 2nd Birthday Blowout [Part 2]

on August 13, 2012

**This particular post is more geared toward the do-it-yourself party planners with tips and ideas.  It’s part of my twohundredseventy blog because this is something very special my husband & family got to do together before he leaves.  Enjoy.**

My husband and I had so much fun hand making all of the bubbly party decorations together. (Go read “A Bubbly 2nd Birthday Blowout [Part 1]”.)  As two avid perfectionists, I was very proud of our ability to maintain composure at every slip of the scissor and not kill each other.  We even ran into a bit of a predicament when we tried to go to our local party store the morning of the party for balloons.  It was a Sunday, and I guess people don’t need party supplies on Sunday until after noon.  Fail.

As soon as I began to panic, my husband maintained complete composure, took me to Wal-Mart and found me my own little helium tank and almost every color balloon I was in search of.  Now that’s perfection.

With all these said balloons, we designed an awesome “bubble” wall and welcomed our guests with your go-to “We’re throwing a party here today” sign-balloons on the mailbox & up our walkway.

The “Bubble” Wall

What They Used:

  • Balloons (light blue, dark blue, silver and white)
  • Scotch tape

How They Did It:

My husband, who is full of hot air ;), father-in-law and sister-in-law blew up many, many, many balloons in different sizes and colors:  light blue, dark blue, white, silver.  Then my mother-in-law and father-in-law spent about half an hour taping the balloons to our back wall of windows.  I loved how it turned out.  Very bubbly.


A Bubbly Welcome


Out Floating “Bubbles” Walkway

What Hubby Used:

  • Store-bought helium tank
  • Ribbon (white and blue)
  • Party weights (blue and white)

How He Did It:

Putting balloons on a mailbox is pretty self explanatory and extremely common, so I won’t even bore you with the details there.  For the walkway, hubby blew up the balloons with the helium tank, tied ribbon to the end of the balloons then to the weights and placed the floating “bubbles” along the walkway up to our front door.  The only problem we ran into with this was the wind.  It took out these floating bubbles within an hour.  Otherwise, I thought it was an awesome idea that I can’t even take credit for.

While all the balloon decorating was taking place, I got to the good stuff- baking the semi-homemade bubbly cupcakes.

Thanks to Pinterest’s link to Cake Central’s website, I found the awesome idea I used for my 2-year-old’s bubbly party cupcakes.  Here’s how mine turned out…

Bubbly Cupcakes

What I Used:

  • 2 Duncan Hine’s Devils Food Cake mixes (and ingredients necessary according to package directions)
  • 2 Betty Crocker’s Cream Cheese Frostings
  • Blue food coloring
  • 3 tupperware bowls
  • 3 gallon-size storage bags
  • Gum paste mix (and ingredients necessary according to package directions)
  • Edible shimmering dust (pearl and silver)

How I Did It:

I started with dying the icing, so it could set-up a bit in the refrigerator.  I divided up one can of the cream cheese frosting into 3 different tupperware dishes.  I added a little blue food coloring to the 1st bowl, a little more to the 2nd and a lot more to the 3rd in order to make 3 different shades of blue.  I stirred all 3 until the coloring was completely blended into the white frosting, put the lids on the tupperware dishes and tossed them in the fridge while I worked on the cupcakes and gum paste bubbles.

I simply followed the directions on the two packages of the cake mix, baked and let cool.

Similarly, all the gum paste mix required of me was to read and follow directions.  After it was made, I rolled the gum paste into varying-sized “bubbles”.  If you’re considering doing this, I would suggest not rolling the gum paste into very large “bubbles;” they will be too heavy for the icing and slide right off.  You can thank me later for sharing my mistakes, so you don’t make the same.  😉

My sister-in-law and I then rolled all of our gum paste “bubbles” into one of the two color dust I bought just to make them shimmer a bit.  Plain old gum paste doesn’t look very pretty.  We set them aside, and I began icing the cupcakes.

I put the 3 different colored frostings in 3 different gallon-sized storage bags.  Once all the icing was in, I made sure all the air was out, sealed the bags and snipped a corner off of each bag- Yep, a homemade baker’s frosting bag thing (for lack of better words).

I ran out of icing before I ran out of cupcakes.  Oops.  Thankfully, my husband suggested we buy an additional can of frosting just in case.  Genius, I tell you.

So I scooped a little plain cream cheese icing into each of the 3 storage bags, which had remnants of the different colors of blue icing.  When I iced the remaining cupcakes with frostings from these 3 bags, a very awesome swirly effect happened.  Perfection.

The cupcakes (and the rest of the food for that matter) were a hit.  Oh, you want to see our food table?  I thought you might.  🙂

We kept the food simple and delicious: hot dogs & the fixings, individually-packaged chips, dips, fruit tray, vegetable tray. The food did have to please toddlers, after all.

{Still} To Do:



Stay tuned for “A Bubbly 2nd Birthday Blowout [Part 3]”!


3 responses to “A Bubbly 2nd Birthday Blowout [Part 2]

  1. Those cupcakes are WAY TOO CUTE! Way to go, mom!

    • baywifey270 says:

      Weren’t they?! Thanks. They were also delicious, but not exactly conducive with my Weight Watcher’s journey. Haha!

      • Getting healthy is a great way to spend the deployment. I plan to get fit and eat better. I’m an emotional eater, so I will lose about ten pounds when he first leaves and then put on fifteen in pms related eating lol Good luck to you. I know I’m gonna be exercising like crazy to get toned. A 9+# baby left a little extra in the middle.

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