Overcoming Deployment One Day at a Time

Hot Mess

on August 17, 2012

This will be short & sweet.

I learned tonight that I’m not only an emotional hot mess, but I’m not doing so well physically either.  Thank you, deployment.

I obviously need professional help because I just can’t do it on my own anymore.  My hair, that is.

You’re welcome, blogging world.


I needed a good laugh after a rough few days, and when you can laugh at yourself, the world immediately becomes a better place…if only for a moment.


One response to “Hot Mess

  1. Hun, I’m confused. Is he already in country or is he about to leave?

    Trust me, the hair isn’t that bad… Fling a huge flower clip into it and you can be “trying a new style” for the day… I learned to crochet, during JRTC, and make my own headbands so that I never have to actually do anything with my hair lol

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