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Diabetes-Friendly Online Tool (ADA Article Included)

on April 22, 2013

The subject of diabetes always hits close to home with me.  Many, many of us are either affected by diabetes ourselves or know someone very close to us who is dealing with the disease on a daily basis.

That’s just it, though.  You have to deal, take care of yourself and continue living your life.  I found this pretty awesome tool on American Diabetes Association’s website.  It’s called My Food Advisor, and it makes living with diabetes just a little easier.  No one is alone in this.

Do You Know What You Are Eating?  

I have to add this… Just because your doctor may recommend LESS fat intake does not mean you should turn to low-fat or no-fat substitutes. Most are riddled with chemicals that damage your body, especially patients with diabetes. Chemicals in low-fat and no-fat substitutes are known to create spikes and severe drops in blood sugar. Opt for all natural lean meats and fibrous veggies to keep you full.

Enjoy life!


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