Overcoming Deployment One Day at a Time

Life with a Two-Year-Old

What happened to my sweet, precious baby boy? He turned two. That’s what happened.

I remember when my son started crawling.  My first thought:  “Oh, how I miss the days when he would just sit and play.”

In the blink of an eye, he started walking.  At that time I thought, “Man, he was so much easier to control when he just crawled.”

Then he turned 1.  That’s when I realized our lives would never be the same.  I told everyone – “He must be hitting his terrible twos early because he’s a wild child.”

But wait.  Then he turned 2.  Everyone has told me, “Just wait.  Three is so much worse.”  I don’t believe it.  It’s impossible.

Don’t get me wrong, my little boy can be SO sweet, charming and gentle…about 5% of the time.

See? He can be sweet, but don’t let that face fool you.

The other 95% of the time, I spend telling him to sit on his bottom when he’s on the couch…among these common phrases:

  • “The couch is not a trampoline.”
  • “Don’t hit people with your toys.”
  • “Your little sister is not a baby doll you can drag around by the leg.”
  • “Eat.  Your.  Food.”
  • “No, stop.  Don’t play with your food.”
  • “No, you cannot have a snack.  It doesn’t matter how cute of a face you make at me.”
  • “We cannot go outside for the 10th time today.”
  • “Don’t get out of bed again.  Go to sleep.”
  • “If you get out of bed again, you’ll get a spanking.”
  • “One, TWO…….Three!”
  • And my latest favorite, “No, don’t say that.  That’s a bad, ugly word.”

Yeah, let’s talk about his latest phrases for a minute.

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Peace and Quiet

Both of my babies are napping.  *Knock on wood.*

There’s peace and quiet in my house, so why do I find myself at a loss for what to write?  Perhaps my mind is stuck on needing to finish part three of my “A Bubbly 2nd Birthday Blowout” post.  Maybe I need the chaos of my 2-year-old running around, screaming in glee, and my 2-month-old fussing until I pick her up and carry her around for hours on end as motivation to sit down and write.  Most likely, though, my mind is too focused on packing.

I need to start packing for my 9-month vacation back to Louisiana during hubby’s deployment.  I have very little time to get everything together that the three of us will need for 9 months away from our current home.  I’m just not ready to face that reality yet, though.

I can tell myself all day long, “It’s just a vacation,” but the gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach knows better.  It’s telling me what is really happening-My best friend/love of my life won’t be going on this “vacation” with us.

While there’s peace and quiet in my house for now, my emotions won’t settle enough to feel the peace or enjoy the quiet.

–End pity party here.  Onto something more exciting-finshing my 2-year-old’s birthday party blog.  Now that’s the type of party I like!–

Update:  “A Bubbly 2nd Birthday Blowout [Part 3]” has been finished & published.  I just couldn’t bring myself to break up those posts with this random thought.  I need organization in my life, after all.  😉

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Ready, Set…WAIT…Blog!

Starting a blog is so much more difficult than what I imagined.  It’s taken me 3 days just to get to this point.  You know, the point where I tell you what I want to blog about.  Let’s not rush into that, though.  First let me explain why it’s taken me 3 days to get this thing goin’.

When I can get both of my kids to sleep at the same time, I’m under the impression that I can do anything, including but not limited to folding laundry, cleaning bottles, sweeping up toddler crumbs, preparing dinner, catching up on recorded shows and…starting a blog.  Before I could even finish getting the laundry out of the dryer, my sweet baby girl awoke from her 15-minute power nap.  Starting a blog, attempt #1:  FAIL.

So life continued to happen that day, and the dream of getting my blog going dwindled into sweet dreams.  These sweet dreams lasted for all of about two hours in the middle of the night.  A two-hour stretch of sleep is about all I get between my infant’s cries to be fed, held or entertained and my husband’s alarm going off, which also alerts my toddler to wake up…at 5:00 am.

Anyway, 5:00 am!  Surely waking up this early would give me enough time to go back and forth to the computer throughout the day to get my blog how I want it in order to publish my first post.  Every time I thought I had our house under control, I would sit down at the computer, and the next thing I know there’s a ball flying right toward my monitor, a baby screaming or a toddler begging to watch Lion King for the 4th time in one morning.  Starting a blog, attempt #2:  FAIL.

Finally, my in-laws come to town to visit their amazing son before he deploys for 9 months.  Thanks to their helpful hands, I am able to sit down to tell you what this is all about…

My husband and his unit leave for Afghanistan very, very soon.  This is our first deployment, and I want to make the most of what may be the hardest thing I’ve been through to date.  I want to learn how to depend on myself, how to keep a smile on my face and most importantly how to keep my babies entertained while daddy is away.  I want to share what I learn.

Also, this blog won’t only delve into the hardships I will experience emotionally throughout my husband’s 270-day departure, but I will also share things I’m doing in an attempt to take my mind off of the separation.  I want to share outings (both with and without children), my time in the kitchen, my weight loss journey (because, after all, I have had two kids), my experiences back home in Louisiana and everything in between.  This is my “Dear, Diary,” my outlet during deployment.